Helping older adults manage their day-to-day financial affairs


Are You Worried?

Does this sound familiar?

  • Are you concerned about your elderly mother’s giant stack of unopened mail on her kitchen table?
  • Does your dad’s pile of unpaid bills keep you up at night?
  • Do you feel more like a business manager than someone who just wants to enjoy spending time with an aging parent?
  • You don’t want to take away a parent’s right to independence, you just want to protect them.

You’re not alone, and the caring team of daily money managers at Personal Finances Management is here to help ease your stress and relieve you of the burden you’ve been carrying.

What is a Daily Money Manager?

A Daily Money Manager (DMM) is someone who provides personal business and social support assistance to older adults or their caregivers in managing their personal monetary affairs. DMM services meet a continuum of needs, from organizing and keeping track of financial and medical insurance papers, to assisting with check writing and maintaining bank accounts.

Who Can Benefit from a DMM?

  • The recently widowed
  • Individuals suffering from illnesses such as Alzheimer's disease or other dementia, stroke, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis, macular degeneration, etc.
  • The “sandwich” generation (adult children caring for one or both parents while simultaneously raising their own children)
  • Adult children of older adults who live out of town or who don’t have time or ability to help
  • Older adults who would like someone to assist them with tax document compilation for their CPA
  • Estate executors or administrators
  • Individuals acting under Power of Attorney (attorney-in-fact) for another person

Why Choose Us?

Pamela and Linda are both compassionate, dedicated daily money managers who come to your home, giving you the individualized attention that inspires peace of mind. They address a variety of financial needs, including keeping in touch with your professional advisors, getting the paperwork or information they need, and connecting you with local resources. If your family is out of town, they can feel confident that you are in good hands with the Personal Finances Management team.

Tasks a DMM Can Handle for You

  • Pay bills
  • Sort and file incoming mail
  • Balance checkbooks and maintain organization of bank records
  • Organize tax documents
  • Prepare and deliver bank deposits
  • Review medical insurance papers and verify proper processing of claims
  • Provide general organization assistance
  • Offer referrals to legal, tax and investment professionals
  • Serve as a liaison between clients, their families, and community resources

For a more comprehensive list, see Services.

Will I Be Giving up My Independence by Hiring a DMM?

On the contrary, the assistance of a DMM can be the piece of life's puzzle which enables an older adult to maintain independent living. Regular visits from Pamela or Linda will ensure you to keep your finances under your own control, yet help you keep track of everything, foresee problems, and avoid errors.

What People Are Saying

"Your kindness to my mom has truly been a blessing. Knowing she is in good hands helps us more than you may realize."

~ DR, New Jersey